Imagine Cup 2013 – Tunisia Local Finals

The Imagine Cup Tunisia Finals is an event to always strive for and pay attention to. The community was eagerly waiting for the big event to happen as many students have been working diligently on innovative solutions and were excited to showcase their “cool stuff” that will ultimately help make a difference in the world through technology. Imagine Cup 2013 Tunisia Local Finals were celebrated on April 10, 2013 – a date that will be in the annals of history for a long time.

For the first time in 7 years the Tunisian local finals took place in a different city than the capital Tunis, South Capital Sfax – 275 kilometers away from Tunis. More than 700 students attended in support of the finalist teams.  Of 33 competing teams, only 6 teams made it to the finals.

This year’s slogan was “Dream Big”!  It was clear to anyone sitting in the auditorium that each member of the finalist teams carried their dreams in their eyes.  Their passion was heard by every audience member!

Such a big event should be started by a big man considered as an industry icon by many students in Tunisia. Mr. Mohamed Bridaa Microsoft Tunisia Country Manager highlighted the opportunities behind the Imagine Cup and how they can take students into entrepreneurship by way of a dream to a real startup project! He discussed as well that the journey continues post competition as Microsoft will keep supporting them via the BizSpark program.

Mr. Moncef Ben Salem Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research honored us as well by his presence and support to the students confirming that the government will always support them and help them find resources necessary for them to succeed and realize their dreams.

The 6 teams were face the jury members composed by Mr. Keita Mamadi Architect of the Souk tanmia, Mr. Riadh Robbana Professor at INSAT University and twice jury member at the worldwide finals (New York 2011 and Sydney 2012), Mr. Wassel Berrayana CEO Proxym IT, Mr. Fares Ben souilah animator at Shems FM radio, Mr. Walid Sultan Midani and Mr. Riadh Bakir from Digital Mania specialized in video games.

The first team on stage was “EspritMO” composed by Zayen Chagra and Omar Zakarya Ben Mostpha from ESPRIT University, their project entitled Klem a solution that aims to protect human cultural wealth using the local dialect.

The 2nd team presented for the second year as one of the finalist team is “Wise team” who took the 3rd place last year composed by Mohamed Ouederni  from  ENIT, Yassine Jaaouane and Slimen Belhadj Ali  from INSAT and Slim Arfaoui from TIME University.

Their project called Drive Alive is preventive solutions that can help truck drivers to avoid sleep driving problems.  This solution is a cloud Service consumed by a Windows Store application.

The 3rd team on stage was Innovatech  composed by Achraf Bakir, Selmi Chouheib and Sabrine Fattoum from ESTI and Ghazi Jedidi from ESAC university who presented their project Familya , a Windows Phone 8 App where you can have your own family space and manage their different chores.

A surprise was waiting for the audience, a Russian Ballet to calm the atmosphere, and showcase some of the culture that will await the team that heads to Russia in July!

After dancing and cheering with the Russian band it was time to continue the presentations of the 3 others teams.

The 4th team called on stage was MobtakerON, the team members were Hejer Krichene, Jamel Eddin mejri, Aymen Souilmi and Ahmed Mouafa from ISI.

MobtakerON Project’s was called SmartLife wish is 6 projects in 1: Smart Guide, Smart Rating, Smart Buy, Smart Menu, Smart Kitchen and Smart Reminder simply an integral system composed of a web platform, a mobile app and cloud-stored database to make your life easier.

And when it was time for the 5th team to get on stage everyone was cheering for them and calling their name “Tunisian Brains”: the Local team here who includes the following members Frikha Fares, Ahmed Amine Ghozzi, Hejer Hadrich and Cherif Ghozzi from ISET Sfax.

Their project Future Vision is a device capable of transmitting information (image, video…) from a Pico projector directly to the eye of the user.

For the live demo Tunisian Brains invited the jury members to try their application one by one.

Before inviting the 6th team on stage, Mahdi Njim last year’s winner recorded a video to this year’s participants where he was talking about his 3 years’ experience with the Imagine Cup.

The final team was “Kiddy Kiddy” from ENISO, Sousse composed by Nasreddine Loued, Sofiane Chaieb and Amir Knani who presented their game “Numbers Game” wish aims to help babies discover numbers.

While the jury members were discussing who will be the winner, Khaled Jemni one of the most active Microsoft Student Partners in Tunisia and one of the participant in the Imagine Cup online presented his game dedicated to help kids learn alphabet.

That day we saw six innovative and ingenius teams present solutions that varied and creative.  Unfortunately there was one and only one team who will have the honor to represent Tunisia in the World Wide Finals.

Mr. Faouzi Soussi and Miss Alia Mahmoud presented certificates to the participating teams before the Jury president announced this years winner.

First of all Mr. Riadh Robbana announced every category’s winner: Kiddy Kiddy for the Game Category, ESPRITMO of the citizenship category and Innovatech as the most innovative project.

Innovatech was lucky enough to get 2 prizes: the prize of the category innovation and the 2nd place this year, each team member will receive a Nokia Lumia 920 as a prize.

Travelling to St. Petersburg?…

And the 1st place goes to Wise Team with their Project Drive alive wish help track drivers to schedule their trip, alert drivers if they are sleeping and based on their health condition, schedule stops based on rest area locations.  If those areas are not available, the application will send a feedback to the NGOs and governments indicating the need to install a rest area.

All of that wouldn’t be done without the big effort of Microsoft Tunisia Team especially Mr. Ahmed Kaddour (Technical Evangelist) who was always there to support the Microsoft Student Partners and the Microsoft Clubs in Tunisia.

The Imagine Cup Social Media Team wishes good luck for all the participants and we are waiting for the Tunisian team to join us in St. Petersburg in July!  See you there guys.

You are the STORY!

Road to Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals 2013, St. Petersburg | Russia

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Created by: Abir Yahyaoui, #MSPSMT