Imagine Cup 2012 World Festival Recap from MSPSMT!!

The Imagine Cup World Festival is a truly unique celebration of the many countries and cultures that make up the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals. Competitors filled the room staring at about 4:30 PM Australian Time, rushing in to get the best seat in the house. Teams all mingled and danced in the center of their room, celebrating the great work they had all done over the week.

The lights dimmed and the show began. An aboriginal performer from the local tribe entered the auditorium playing didgeridoo, welcoming everyone to the event. After his warm greeting, he was followed by an absolutely breathtaking aboriginal dance routine.

Aboriginal performers kick off the world festival with a traditional dance.
Photo by: Robert Staniucha

After that, it was straight down to business. Various special guests and judges took to the stage to announce the winners of individual game tracks. Presenters ranged from Jessica Watson, a proud Aussie and the youngest person to sail the world unassisted, to Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, the public face of Xbox Live. The winners are as follows:

Coca-Cola Environmental Sustainability Award:

  • 1st Place: Greenway –  Germany
  • 2nd Place: Coccolo – Japan
  • 3rd Place: Let IT Bee – Korea

Coca-Cola Health Awareness Award:

  • 1st Place: Italian Ingenium Team –  Italy
  • 2nd Place: CapStreet – France
  • 3rd Place: The D Labs – India

People’s Choice Award:

  • 1st Place: The D Labs –  India

Windows Phone Challenge:

  • 1st Place: Vivid –  Egypt
  • 2nd Place: The Stack – Poland
  • 3rd Place: Aaltovation – Finland

Windows Azure Challenge:

  • 1st Place: Virtual Dreams Azure –  Brazil
  • 2nd Place: Complex – Romania
  • 3rd Place: The Klien Team – Algeria

IT Challenge:

  • 1st Place: Alexandru Ticlea –  Romania
  • 2nd Place: Sherif Talaat – Egypt
  • 3rd Place: Joshua Sim – Singapore

Kinect Fun Labs Challenge:

  • 1st Place: Team Interlab –  Brazil
  • 2nd Place: Team Whiteboard Pirates – United States
  • 3rd Place: Team Flexify – Poland

Game Design (Phone):

  • 1st Place: Drexel Dragons –  United States
  • 2nd Place: Ecosia – France
  • 3rd Place: Turtle Games- Hungary

Game Design (Windows/Xbox):

  • 1st Place: TANG Thai –  Thailand
  • 2nd Place: The Doers – Brazil
  • 3rd Place: Hotfix – Belgium

Windows Metro Style App Challenge:

  • 1st Place: Virtual Dreams Metro –  Brazil
  • 2nd Place: nLife – Ukraine
  • 3rd Place: TokTok – Korea

It was at this point that Walid Abu-Habda, Corporate Vice President of Developer and Platform Evangelism, was joined on stage by Soma Somasegar, Corporate Vice President of Developer Devision at Microsoft, for a very special announcement. Walid announced that, after general availability in October, all competitors in the Worldwide Finals would receive a Windows 8 Device, subject to the availability of Windows 8 in each competitor’s respective region.

Soma Somasegar and Walid Abu-Habda announce that all competitors would be receiveing a Windows 8 device.
Photo by: Michael Quandt

Then it was time for the big reveal. Soma was up to announce who were the big winners for the Software Design competition. After building as much suspense as humanly possible, Soma announced the winners:

Software Design:

  • 1st Place: quadSquad –  Ukraine
  • 2nd Place: Coccolo – Japan
  • 3rd Place: wi-Go – Portugal

quadSquad of Ukraine reacts to hearing that they had come in first place in the Software Design track.
Photo By: Michael Quandt

The event concluded with Pip Marlow, Managing Director of Microsoft Australia, taking the stage to participate in the passing of the flag from Australia to next years host country, Russia. Nikolay Pryanishnikov, President of Microsoft Russia, met Pip on stage to receive the flag for the Russians.

After that, it was photo time. All of the first place winners took the stage once more for a photo op with Soma Somasegar.

The winners of Imagine Cup 2012 take the stage to celebrate their victory with Soma Somasegar.
Photo By: Michael Quandt

This year’s competition is over and the parties are beginning, but that’s not all for the Imagine Cup or the Microsoft Student Partner Social Media Team. Stay tuned to the official Imagine Cup properties by following #ImagineCup on twitter for more information on the 2013 competition in Russia. And keep an eye on this space, and the hashtag #MSPSMT, for more content from the 2012 Imagine Cup. We look forward to covering the next year of great competitors, and hope you tell anyone and everyone about the great work they are all doing.

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