Team TokTok from Korea – Hapeanut

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Can you imagine that “peanut” can really change the world with the power of technology??
Regardless of whether you believe it or not, you should watch the video below!!

Team TokTok, from South Korea, is challenging the poverty problem
by helping those who are suffering from starving.

I conducted an interview with the team,
and I got the series of stories about why they came up with the idea.
(The team is made up of Microsoft Student Partners Korea by the way.
I’m always so happy to see other MSPs from other countries
who are challenging the world toughest problems as competitors for Imagine Cup)

Here’s the inspiration they got about the project.

One day, we had been getting a conference for an idea.
Along the way, we accidentally saw one picture in which children had Mud Cookies.

What is Mud Cooky?
Mud Cookies were literally made from mud and water.

Why had children eaten them?
If human beings have the mud cookies, it lasts the satiety because the human can’t digest them.
Finally, children and people had eaten the Mud Cookies to save their life, just not to die.

By this fact, we were shocked.
And then, we thought that if the more people grow peanuts, the more relief foods might be made with their peanut, and the more children would be saved.

So, Hapeanut was born in the world.

This is actually really really sad story, I mean, there is a group of people
who have no choice but to have Mud Cookies just to survive.

But at the same time, there is a hope.
By implementing their solution, they could be saved actually.

With Hapenaut, people can grow peanut in their real life and can harvest it efficiently through the information served in the application such as the contents of library menu, push notification and weather-cast information.

Also, people can write diary about their hearty peanuts like keeping a baby book.

Moreover, people can grow peanuts with other people as well as alone through Community menu.

Surely, to let more people know the fact that peanut can save children in starvation, and take an interest in growing peanut, Hapeanuts provides many various contents in library menu.

Ultimately, we have a future dream that people’s wholehearted harvested peanuts can be made really as relief food and help starving people.

We hope that more people, more children overcome starvation and become happy with Hapeanut!

Their challenge has been just started since the Imagine Cup 2012.
I hope that their passion will make a significant difference in the world.

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