Imagine Cup- The Countdown Begins

When we were kids, Oh Boy, didn’t we want to get big, go the college, get an exciting life (own a car!)? Since the time we can remember, we knew that nothing around us was perfect- there were problems. There was poverty, there was hunger, and every year precious lives gave up to diseases. Global warming was always on news, and so was pollution!

Looking forward to report from there!

We felt sorry for the people who suffered. We asked ourselves what we could do!

Time has changed. We have technology like never before. Problems are now challenges- challenges which require passion and an undying to desire to solve. Today with technology, STUDENTS are providing education accessible to thousands of children! Diseases are being monitored like never before! Still wondering how?

For the 10th year, Microsoft Imagine Cup is providing a platform to the most passionate students in this world with one theme- I want to make this world a better place to live. Excited? Bet you are!

We are Microsoft Student Partners Social Media Team. We are going to bring you the stories from the Imagine Cup 2012’s World Final’s venue- Sydney, Australia, where all these students will be presenting their projects build to fight these challenges and make people’s lives better. We are going to bring you stories that inspired these students to do what are doing today; we are going to bring you stories that are going to change the world we are living in today.

Stay tuned because this April to July, we are going to tell you why you should care about this, bring you action packed stories from the national finals, meet some exciting people who have set some amazing standards for our generations to look up to and things that have made difference in this happening.